Be a Child’s Hero

When a nation does not provide public education to its citizens, and a parent cannot afford to pay school fees, the development of a community is difficult. The youth of several generations cannot reach their potential, leading to poor infrastructure, inadequate health care, corrupt politics, malnutrition, struggling businesses, and lack of environmental conservation.

We at Joy of Community Foundation believe that access to education is the key to solving these problems. When children are not able to attend school, they miss opportunities in life and often develop behavioral problems, through no fault of their own.

When you sponsor a child through our organization, you will be making a profound impact on not only the individual sponsored, but also their families and their community as a whole.

Sponsorships Impact

Sponsorship not only changes a child’s life, but it also makes positive impacts for their family and community. We plan to use this page to showcase Joy of Community sponsored children. Please check in frequently, since it will be updated regularly!


Sponsor a Child

BrianAge 15
Pearl High School
Wants to be a: Teacher
Amos (sponsored)
Amos (sponsored)Age 13
Bright Future School
Wants to be a: Doctor