Unable to commit to child sponsorship, but still want to contribute? Great!

In order for Joy of Community Foundation to pay for the students’ term fees and to provide boarding materials at the start of school, general donations are needed to supplement monthly sponsorships. When the monthly payments eventually reimburse these costs, we’re then able to support the next group of sponsored children, or do other projects that will benefit the community as a whole. Please choose an amount that you are comfortable providing, and have confidence that your money is going to make a difference in the lives of many.


There are many simple ways you can make your money go further when contributing to Joy of Community Foundation and any other non-profits you wish to support.

Click here to find out if your place of employment offers donation matching programs. This is the easiest way to instantly double your contribution. These programs vary by company, so please be sure to check in with the specific policies of your employer. 

You can make small donations each time you shop at Amazon through the Amazon Smiles program. Make sure that you select Joy of Community Foundation as your non-profit of choice. 

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