Educating Uganda’s Youth

There are many hidden costs that inhibit children from attending school in Uganda, including boarding costs, books, transportation, tuition, school uniforms, meals, and other fees. Members of the Joy of Community Foundation believe that all children deserve an education regardless of their financial status. JOCF works with three schools involved to promote Uganda’s initiative to create a safe learning environment for all students, how to assist children with special needs, and to provide additional tutoring when needed.

Transportation is No Longer an Inhibitor

Lack of safe transportation can be a major factor in absenteeism for students in Kazo District. In order to eliminate transportation as a barrier, sponsorship covers the cost of student boarding fees and supplies.

Food Security is a Major Aspect of Education

Substantial research has shown that not only does eating breakfast have inherent nutritional and metabolic benefits, but it has been shown to help improve learning as well. You may already know this from a firsthand account if you have ever sat in a classroom with a growling stomach. Additionally, it can be extremely hard to concentrate, stay awake, and focus on learning if you do not know where your next meal will be coming from. This positions food security at the heart of educational achievement. Joy of Community uses sponsorship funding to provide daily meals for students, so that they can focus on learning and growing.

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“Our partner schools, sponsored children, and the community we support are located within Engari sub county, Kazo District, Uganda.”

— Joy of Community Foundation


Too many children in Uganda go without an education due to poverty and transportation barriers. You can help end that today!