Backup Uganda is a nonprofit organization which provides training to teachers across Uganda with the skills and resources to provide quality education to all students. They focus their efforts on increasing awareness and training around the needs of students’ with a variety of disabilities. In addition, their community and student outreach efforts allow us to direct our programs to the needs and desires of students’ and their families. Your donations provide funding for our teachers to travel to and attend training sessions through Backup Uganda. These training sessions allow JOCF to achieve one of its central missions of expanding access to quality education and allowing all community members to participate in the joy of growth and learning.

HEVIA Uganda is a local nonprofit founded in 2013 which works to bring healthcare to rural communities in Uganda. HEVIA Uganda was founded through the diligent work of local youth and led by Mr. Deus Mwijuke and has become a major force in the region. Together they take a holistic approach to providing clean, dignified, environmentally friendly, and well-resourced spaces for education, health, and business. In our collaboration with HEVIA Uganda, our sponsored students receive healthcare from the local health facilities and have safe classroom environments. Additionally, we are currently collaborating with HEVIA Uganda to expand healthcare programs which address major concerns, such as HIV testing and management, as well as reproductive and maternal health. Your donations contribute to our expansion of local health facilities and these new programs. HEVIA Uganda and JOCF thank you for these contributions.

Sponsorship directly funds a student’s education and educational supplies

We provide funds so children can board at their schools

Funds help provide meals to students, who are often unable afford it

Through sponsorship, students receive basic healthcare and vaccines

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”



Too many children in Uganda go without an education due to poverty and transportation barriers. You can help end that today!