We connect sponsors with the children of Kazo District, Uganda to provide students with access to education funding, supplies and meals, and healthcare facilities. In order to provide well rounded support for students, the JOCF America and JOCF Uganda teams collaborate to:

  • Identify and reach out to families with limited resources to cover the costs of education for their children.

  • Identify the needs and dreams of each child, to better connect them with strong supportive services

  • Creating sustainable means for children to continue their educational path by funding and expanding vocational training programs.

  • Providing funding through donations for infrastructure improvements for our partner schools.


  • Our JOCF Uganda team is able to quickly identify community goals through frequent needs assessments, focus group discussions, community meetings, and meetings with community leaders.

  • This allows our JOCF America team to collect and distribute donations and grant funding that makes a direct and immediate impact in the lives and daily operations of the community.

  • We are able to address both emergency circumstances, such as our work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and gaining access to clean water, as well as long-term goals, such as creating a vocational training school in the Kazo District.


We realize there are many options for those wanting to sponsor children to go to school around the world. Joy of Community Foundation is well positioned to make your money go further in a child’s life:

  • Our American team is composed entirely of volunteers and staff members who have either lived in Engari for years at a time, have visited Engari and personally know community members, or have experience working and living in East Africa. By having team members with local and regional knowledge and personal community relationships, we are better equipped to focus on the needs and voices of the community members we serve. Although most American team members are currently volunteers, your contributions allow us to pay essential staff members for daily operations and capacity building.

  • Additionally, our Ugandan team is composed of local professionals who have developed trust and relationship networks within the community, which allows us to better identify children in need, communicate with families, provide health care, and manage organizational demands. Your contributions allow us to pay all of our Ugandan staff members to facilitate this important work.

  • We provide many opportunities for sponsors to connect with children and families, and provide academic reports of sponsored children. We also provide sponsors with regular updates of sponsored children and families, so you can understand the impact of your financial contribution.

Sponsorship directly funds a student’s education and educational supplies

We provide funds so children can board at their schools

Funds help provide meals to students, who are often unable afford it

Through sponsorship, students receive basic healthcare and vaccines

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”



Too many children in Uganda go without an education due to poverty and transportation barriers. You can help end that today!