Greetings, friends of JOCF!

We hope that all of you are enjoying spring, and the new beginnings it brings. A long time has passed since our last general update,and there are a few key developments within our organization that we’d like to share with you.

We have been officially accepted and registered on the platform Global Giving, a hub of philanthropy through which our projects are now visible to a much broader donor base. Membership in Global Giving offers us far better access to funding opportunities for the myriad projects that the community of Engari sees as fundamental to its well-being. Please check out our pilot project on this platform:

Also, we have put together a Board of Directors for both our USA and Ugandan teams. Both Boards have begun operations this Spring. The boards will help oversee our finances, design ongoing organizational improvements, and allow us to apply for more grant and funding opportunities. We feel that all of our board members are very well qualified. They’re poised to help Joy of Community Foundation succeed!

Thank you so much for your continued generosity in support of our causes in rural southwestern Uganda. Because we are in continuous communication with our team on the ground, we’re certain that the impact we’ve made over the past four and a half years is truly profound. If you’d like to keep more closely updated of our activities on the ground, feel free to follow our pages on social media.

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With warmest regards,
Jesse, John, and Siera