Greetings JOCF family,

Happy Holidays to all of you from all of us at JOCF, stateside and our partners in Uganda. We hope everyone is well and getting ready to celebrate the season with family and friends!

The big news from Uganda is that schools are scheduled to reopen in January, so we have been making preparations to accommodate this. Part of these preparations have been some major improvements to the schools that JOCF has facilitated. These projects are almost entirely finished, with photos attached.

We have also begun another effort to install lightning conductors in each separate building for our three partner schools, in addition to the health center which serves the village. Generally, this is too expensive for private institutions to afford, and there are relatively frequent incidents of lightning strikes resulting in deaths in these rural areas, so we have decided to protect the community with money from our general fund.

With the return of school, our team in Uganda will be visiting each of our sponsored children to check in, take a new photo, and have them write letters to their sponsors. Look for that early to mid January!

Once again, thank you for continuing to support these children through the years. We have loved seeing their smiling faces over the past three years since we’ve formed the organization!

Happy Holidays,
Jesse, John, and Colleen